Small Claims – Full Service Judgment Recovery & Collections

We will: Prepare and File your Small Claims Case $99.99 (plus court filing fee)

Serve Your Small Claims Case $99.99 (per first address, first defendant, includes filing of Proof of Service)

Additional Defendants at Same address $49.99 (includes service and filing of Proof of Service)


Post Judgment Recovery – Collection of Your Judgment

Prepare & File Writs and Abstracts – Starting at 49.99

Record Abstract of Judgment $49.99 (plus County Recorder fees)

Serve Writ/Bank Levy $175.00 (plus Sheriffs fees)

Serve Wage Garnishments $175.00 (plus Sheriffs fees)

Serve Real Property Levy $250.00 (plus Sheriffs and County Recorder fees)

Asset Search Starting at $200.00

Skip Trace-Locate – When you need to serve a defendant or debtor but you don’t have a good address – Starting at $75.00


We  will help you from the very beginning! There are  many reasons to file a Small Claims Case in your home court. If the defendant/debtor owes you under $5,000.00 and if there is no need for a Lawyer. When you file in Small Claims Court the defendant may not have a lawyer.


If you have already filed your Small Claims Case we would love to serve it for you!

What if you’ve already served it, gone to court and won your judgment…… If the defendant hasn’t paid you in 30 days or the time ordered by the court, we can help you collect the money you are owed.

Process Serving Fees Are Recoverable!


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