E-Filing & E-Service

We proudly offer e-filing services  and are compliant with all current eFiling standards.

Please set up your account by going to the Place Order E-filing Portal Page

on our website or follow the link Place Order E-filing Portal Page.

Once you have set up your account with the proper criteria and credit card information, enter your order information and upload the pdf documents that you need filed or served.

If the court provides  online capabilities for e-filing documents, these documents  will be electronically transported to the participating court and will be filed same day as long as they are submitted by 11:59 pm, one minute before midnight. All  fees will be charged to your credit card. Fees include, our fee, the courts filing fee and the portal fee charged by the portal company.

If the court you would like to file in is not currently accepting e-filing online, you can still enter your order, upload your pdf documents and we will file the documents traditionally or manually as we have been doing for many  years.

Fees for E-filling and E-service

Direct participating court e-filing per case (submitted in a single order)

Our fee is only $8.00

Court filing fees will be charged pursuant to the current rate set by the Court & Judicial Counsel  (hyperlink)

Attorney/participant e-service

If your E-filing case has participating attorneys in the courts case directory, you can e-serve them from the same filing order. It is only $4.00. Currently this is for Subsequent filings only.   New cases are all still served by our experienced Process Servers.

Manual-Traditional Filing

This is a filing that you, our client, enter in our E-file online program. We will file these documents at the courthouse for you.

from $45.00 for Same Day filing if we receive before 11:00am

from $125.00 for Expedited Same Day filing if we receive by 1:00pm

Our New Attorney Service Online Software is efficient and easy to use. If you need help signing up or entering an order we are happy to help you. Call us at 855-Process / 855-776-2377

California Counties Currently Online for E-filing now 1

(as of August 2017)

Alameda Superior Court
Butte Superior Court
Calaveras Superior Court
Fresno Superior Court
Kern Superior Court
Kings Superior Court
Los Angeles Superior Court
Merced Superior Court
Monterey Superior Court
Napa Superior Court
Orange Superior Court
San Francisco Superior Court
San Diego Superior Court
San Luis Obispo Superior Court
San Mateo Superior Court
Santa Barbara Superior Court
Santa Clara Superior Court
Santa Cruz Superior Court
Sutter Superior Court
Yuba Superior Court

Note: not all types of cases are available for e-filing currently. courts will start allowing more types and we will be adding those as soon as they become available.A convenience fee will be added to process and collect any statutory court or witness fees required by court rule or statute.

By using your Credit Card as your payment method, it is understood and agreed that the Credit Card on file will be charged immediately for the total amount of fees charged by LLC (including any statutory court or witness fees).

If you choose to pay by ACH (eCheck), you authorize LLC. to debit your bank account for the total amount of service fees charged by LLC, plus any statutory court or witness fees.